Beechworth, VICTORIA

Sentiō Wines are first and foremost an expression of place. 

Sourcing quality grapes from growers across Victoria, Sentiō Wines invite you to understand the varietal through the lens of where it was grown, and the conditions it experienced during the vintage it was harvested in. 
Each wine tells a story. Let us take you on a journey. 

Chris Catlow, winemaker

Born and raised in Beechworth, Victoria, Chris developed a curiosity for wine making in his teens. His interest was nurtured by Barry Morey at Sorrenberg while he worked with him on vintages before going on to complete a double degree in Viticultural Science and Wine Science at Latrobe University in Melbourne. His early passion for Chardonnay stayed with him as he went on to complete seven vintages on the Mornington Peninsula (with Kooyong Estate, Portsea Estate and Paringa Estate) and five in Burgundy.

“My philosophy for Sentiō is a work in progress. Making wines that represent where they’re from is the fundamental point. I always loved seeing wines that give a story of the vineyard and the region.”

Private tastings

7 Boilerhouse Lane, Beechworth VIC 3747

Private and group tastings
By appointment only.


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